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It’s a high-tech game room with 12 walls…

Imagine a rounded gaming arena with 11 seats arranged in a circle to face out toward 11 HDTV screens. Ready… set… game.

With all of your favorite equipment…

Each SimCave is equipped with the latest computers and gaming consoles to take your gaming to a whole new level.

…to throw the party of a lifetime.

Gather a group of friends together and immerse yourselves in the game. Welcome to the arena where champions are made.

A Unique Gaming Experience

That Players Of All Ages Will Love

Digital Gaming Arena

Our digital gaming arenas include 55” LED TVs, individual speakers, LED lighting, gaming controllers, and a gaming keyboard and mouse.

Three Different Ways To Play

SimCave Digital Gaming Arenas, a dance party room and a head-to-head challenge room make SimCave the ultimate gaming experience.

Tournaments & Leagues

Keep an eye out for future tournaments and leagues in our Digital Gaming Arenas. Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to become a gaming champion?

Birthday Parties

Book your birthday at SimCave and we'll let you crush all of your friends at your favorite game and then brag about it over pizza, cake and ice cream.

Snacks & Cold Drinks

In order to play at your best, you need sustenance. We offer snacks and ice-cold beverages to keep you going when the going gets tough.

The Hottest Games

SimCave is equipped with the hottest PC, Xbox, and Wii U game titles. Not sure if we have your favorite game? Just ask our friendly staff members.

High-end Gaming Hardware

Our Digital Gaming Arenas offer top-of-the-line gaming consoles and computers so that you can explore your favorite games in a whole new way.

Hanging Out

You don't have to celebrate a birthday to hang out with friends. Rent out an entire arena for a party or for no reason at all. We don't put a limit on fun.

Dance Parties

Not into first person shooters or Minecraft? Step into our DanceCave. Our DanceCave is a space where you and your seven besties gather to dance the night away.

Parent Lounge

Watch all the action from the comfort of our plush parent ultra-lounge. Or barrel through your emails and get some work done with our free WiFi.

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